A Nested Kanban Board for Creative Teams

Breakdown tasks in a natural way with nested cards. Organize your tasks and plan your day with the Gantt chart.

In Beta

Team based project management software.

Create spaces, projects, boards, and nested cards with the Kanban board.

Time tracking & project planning with the Gantt chart. Schedule todos, and view your week at a glance, with the calendar.

Break down large tasks into bite-sized, nested subtasks.

Use the nested Kanban board to model the hierarchy that is inherent to complex tasks.

Schedule cards with the Gantt chart.

kanban graph

Video Demo

Single click on a card to access the inner Kanban board.

Schedule cards with the Gantt chart

Simple to use.

Reorder tasks in the Gantt chart with drag and drop.

Double click to schedule todos in the Gantt chart.

Here at Kanception we believe apps should be intuitive and simple to use. We have a standard Gantt chart with the key difference being it is nested, like the Kanban board.

Product Roadmap



It's free!

We will offer paid features in the future.

Contact us @ info@kanception.io